A classic mix

Go for the simple and strong wooden furniture, if you are going for a timeless classic style that is easy to update with art, colours and stylish accessories.



It is the small details like colours, art and plants that give your home a personal touch and tell your story. Create a small setting  with your favourite objects and combine wood with pastels and soft fabrics.

Nordic colours

Start with the classic Scandinavian palette of cool dusty shades that match the natural wood. Combine with details in glass, emphasising mood and reflecting light in your décor.


Wool & knitting

Cuddly throws, knitted cushions and furniture upholstered in wool – it all provides warmth and cosiness to the décor and is combined beautifully with classic wooden furniture.
TIP: Collect pottery and porcelain articles in small colour-coordinated clusters on your coffee table.


Room for contemplation

Create small rest areas in your home where you set aside space for a reading nook or a place where thoughts can fly free. Don’t hesitate to match the bright wood with more distinctive furniture and graphic prints that give edge to the décor.

The sofa’s best friend

Place a single small side table in wood next to your couch, and use the space to highlight your style with light, good sound and books.


Make Haslev a part of your life

Combine classic handcrafted furniture with modern design, and allow the wood to give soul and personality to your décor.

Explore our universe of quality craftsmanship, and be inspired to use the beautiful handcrafted furniture in a new and modern Nordic style.

Keep it simple

Combine a simple and beautiful table with light chairs in delicate tones.


Scandinavian living

Wood, ceramics, leather and wool are materials that blend in neatly with our Nordic aesthetics – make the style contemporary and modern with a new design and eye-catching accessories.


Combine & Design

Combine Note chairs with matching Note table and create exactly the look you want to surround yourself with at home.

Mix & Match the different finishes of wood, fabrics and colours of the chair to achieve a classic, yet modern look.